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Please allow your candle to burn to its full diameter on its very FIRST burn, this will create a memory for your candle and reduce the risk of Tunnelling.

Never burn your candle for longer then 3-4 hours. Burning for shorter periods of times will keep your wax, glassware and label looking as good as new. Longer burns may result in label wear and discolouration, glass weakening and discolouration of wax.

Allow your Candle to completely cool before moving or trimming the wick. We highly recommend that you trim your candle before each burn, not after.

Keep lit candles away from air currents including fans, cooling, open windows and doors. Any form of air flow can cause an uneven burn, smoking and may diminish your fragrance throw.

Please remember that your beautiful candles are not friends with your Children and Animals, so please never leave them at a high your precious little ones can reach.




Please remove the plastic stopper inside your Diffusers Lid before use. Remove with care, the oil inside your diffuser may strip vanishings and damage woods, metals and plastics.

Ensure your diffuser lid is done up tight (but not over tight) to reduce the risk of spillage.

Do not use oils from Diffusers, in your Melt or Oil Burners!

Reed Diffuser- Turn Reeds 1-2 per week for max fragrance throw.

Car Diffusers- Turn upside down for 5 seconds on first use and replace plastic stopper. Remove plastic stopper and re-soak cork when fragrance is low. ©